nude photos

i was just playing around with modules on google’s homepage –  i added a tab and named it “photos” and it kindly suggested it would pick some modules for me. so i agreed, just to see what it could do.  the first module was full of broken images, the next 4 or 5 were nice nature photos, nasa pic of the day, etc.. all very nice. then, at the bottom of the page, i saw this: 


so… i hesitated, but HAD to see what was under these titles – i mean Naked Night??   but alas, here’s what i uncovered…


of course, “happy couple” was nothing more than that –  just an average smiling couple in jeans and tee’s… and leslie in the bathroom?  just a woman at a sink – fully clothed.

not that i’m disappointed because it all could have gone horribly scary and wrong. but to be safe (and to safe-guard against any funky passive personalization they may do based on those modules) i think i’ll delete my “nude” friend.

thanks for the suggestions, google.   the mushrooms are, um.. pleasant. and i do like this death valley abstract…


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