amazing arthur

so i’m in san diego by way of silicon valley last week and let’s just say that the weekend in between didn’t involve much sleep. so when the first day of etech rolled around, i was excited but probably not as refreshed as i would have liked to have been. nevertheless, i thoroughly enjoyed scott burken’s talk about innovation this morning (although i was very much looking forward to kathy sierra’s session and was hugely shocked and disappointed when i learned why it was cancelled) and the community discussion with tara & chris from citizen agency. there were even a few flashes of personal inspiration during tonights o’reilly radar. but the highlight of the day was this guy, arthur benjamin. it’s truly humbling to witness greatness no matter what form it comes in – artist, athlete, technologist – mathematician (or, ‘mathemagician’ as he likes to call himself). There may be better mathematicians out there, but his combination of showmanship, humor, talent and skill make for an experience you probably haven’t encountered elsewhere. he actually made me want to attempt math – this coming from someone who doesn’t even like figuring out tips.   

photos and news updates from the conference here:

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