digital fragments and the urge to twitter, or not

a hazard of working (living and breathing) this industry is the slow yet inevitable distribution of various parts of your life across the web. it starts with a few test accounts across some competitor sites, then a few more and then as you work in various areas, you start using lots of different products with different names – not to mention things other people upload or post about you…until ultimately you end up with bits and pieces all over the place. some based on reality, others complete fiction. for the most part this has never bothered me. but then i started noticing weird flickr pics out there, old blog posts, ancient newsgroup queries and rants – yeesh. if i didn’t know me and I came across these things, what kind of picture would it paint? some friends and coworkers are completely resigned to the fact that so many parts of their life are “out there” with varying degrees of context or accuracy. but lately i’ve had this urge to pull it all in, organize, take some things back and, dare i say it – CONTROL IT ALL.  

for that reason, i can’t bring myself to twitter. now, you should know that over the past few weeks, i think i may have come to love twitter. i check in on people i know – and recently i’ve become slightly addicted to twittervision. and there were a few times during the conference this week that i felt out of the loop and had an urge to jump in the stream. but all those fragments just floating out there… it’s just too much. and if i try it and find that i like it? i think b would throw my laptop out the window (or me).


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2 thoughts on “digital fragments and the urge to twitter, or not

  1. pomegranite on said:

    thank you for this post. i am a complete outsider to the industry but an unemployed macbook owner with wireless and i feel addicted/to while simultaneously respulsed by the allure of every social networking site out there for the general population. a friend from a long time ago just invited me to twitter and i joined for the quaint purpose of reconnecting with her, but i’m baffled by the whole prospect and what twittering really is. it seems like it is harmless, but either addictive or something that starts to bore you and you leave it. but you leave a big poster with your face, so to speak, behind, too. it was nice to see someone who ‘gets’ this stuff has conflicting feelings, too.

  2. so i’m not the only one! thanks pomegranite 🙂

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