a night with annie

my last night in san diego was spent with two girlfriends at the san diego museum of art checking out the annie leibovitz exhibit  “a photographers life, 1990- 2005”.  like many others, i was inspired by her work years ago when i was a lowly undergrad spending all too many nights in the darkroom, coming home at 2 am smelling more like fixer than beer. the last time i went to one of her exhibits was in the mid-nineties in dc at the national portrait museum and i recall such a sense of inspiration and glamour. but unlike the dc visit, this exhibit goes far beyond the hollywood portraits of a-list celebs. of course the walls were peppered with images of everyone from brad pitt and nicole kidman to leonardo dicaprio and johnny depp (let’s take a moment to reflect on that one, shall we?). but for once we are able to get a more candid view of family, friendships, places visited, tragedies, pain, beauty, loss. 

i love her ability to capture the subtle emotions in a portrait, and her less frequently seen, unique point of view on far-away places. but even more, i admire the strength of her character to stay in role and document stitches of life so full of fear and pain. with that i refer to several pieces – from the boy in sarajevo to the tutsi school massacre, the death of her father and of course, the thread woven throughout the entire exhibit – the illness and eventual death of her friend, writer susan sontag.  

i could have spent hours there, but wine and dinner awaited at prado, and the crowd was more than i could deal with on a thursday night after almost two weeks away from home. with some down-time this weekend, i look forward to digging into the 3 inch thick book sitting on my window sill, full of the same photos with more stories and detail.

this review is really nicely written:  http://www.artcritical.com/garwood/DGLeibovitz.htm

one of my favorite images:

Susan Sontag, Petra, Jordan, 1994. ©Annie Leibovitz

Susan Sontag, Petra, Jordan, 1994. ©Annie Leibovitz

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