the best $10 ever

for months now i’ve sat in the wings while b and all our friends gathered around tables playing texas hold’em. i’d flip through magazines, blog, watch tv, sit in the hot tub – hang with the losers till the last bets were played out at the winners table… but never played.

last night it all changed.

matt graciously spent several rounds explaining rules and strategy, making suggestions – and then, we threw down some money and played. seven players total. all i hoped was that i wouldn’t go out first. i didn’t. and i didn’t go out second, third…i played well. i survived each blind increase, got brave enough to bet, raise and even go all in a few times. i have to admit that some of the guys were probably holding back just a little bit – playing nice for the newbie.

i took 2nd place – winning a whopping $10. not quite the $1500 my girlfriend won from a tournament in AC last weekend (not sure if i could really play for 7 hours like she did…). but a big step nonetheless. and no more sitting in the wings for me. i’m in 😉

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