church signs and catepillars

i went for a walkrun tonight… screw jogging. i just don’t like it. my new strategy is to walk and walk until i’m bored and then sprint as fast as i can for a long as i can, slow it down a bit to a run – then start over. much better for stress relief and your ass actually feels like it’s getting a workout. time will tell.

anyway.. while i was still in walk-mode i went past 2 churches – a baptist and a luthran – guess which one is which if you can. you know how churches love to post inspirational quotes up on their signs like “Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and moving.” (ok…i actually couldn’t remember any of the thousands i’ve seen in my life so i found that one on the web. pretty amusing if you ask me) well, here are the two that were on my walkrun route tonight:

“don’t quit. moses was a once a basket case.” and “you don’t have to stop breathing to die.”

that’s it. are you kidding me? are those meant to be pondered? inspirational? please.

meanwhile, the episcopalian church next to those two (yes, i live on a very holy street) didn’t have a sign but had a gorgeous stone veranda with lanterns glowing, azaleas blooming and people meandering about. as i ran by them (this is when i started my sprint) i turned up the Oakenfold playing on my shuffle and thought to myself what a perfect veranda for a cold gin & tonic. maybe someone could convert it to a great neighborhood bar, with jazz music or something. it’s a good thing i don’t believe in hell. i got married in an episcopalian church, and (god don’t strike me down) we did it because it had the best ocean view anywhere. those episcopalians corner the market on gorgeous stone churches with a view.

after my sprint-run i was back in walking mode and noticed a fuzzy moving thing on the sidewalk in front of me…a catepillar! the first one i’ve seen this spring. i immediately picked up a little stick and put it in his way so he had to crawl on it..which i then put up to my face, pet him a bit and then moved him on to a wooden post in the woods. figured it was safer for the little guy. when i got back to the sidewalk i saw 3 more! but… they were dead. smooshed. no doubt by some careless jogger. after that i did my best to look for other catepillar signs of life and move them out of the way. i felt like a jain monk. maybe tonight i’m just a little bit redeemed.

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One thought on “church signs and catepillars

  1. I saw a good one — “There’s No Stop Drop N Roll In Hell”. I had a chuckle.

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