igoogle community modules

today i was looking at my igoogle page and happened to notice a new item in the gallery. the igoogle team seems to launch little updates every other week but this one caught my eye. it’s a new category called “my community” – when i clicked it i got a blank page with just this message: “No one in your community has written a gadget yet. You can be the first to write your own gadget. ” so of course, i did. and it was ridiculously easy. you can currently choose from 7 modules (things like a photo widget, greeting, blog entry, etc) – i chose the photo module, added some pics, sent it to some friends and made it public. unfortunately it says it won’t be listed in the directory for 10 days – which means there’s got to be some review process going on or they’re still building out the system. i’m anxious to see if it gets listed. in the meantime, here’s a screenshot. this is a nice, easy way to bring the masses into the module creation and distribution process.

igoogle photo module

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