Run Bull Run!


All I can say is that it takes all kinds.

Around noon today my friends and I joined in a decade-long tradition in Dewey Beach. Along with hundreds of other um.. fun-loving, upstanding peeps, we met at the Starboard, cheered the cow, the shark, and then finally…. The Bull.

Elvis lead an enthusiastic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.


We sang Ole, Ole, Wooly Bully, Toro… we stormed the street (shut down and escorted by the state troops for this important event!) and then ran with the Bull down the street, along the beach and then back to the bar. In front of the bar, there was the actual bullfight and then the obligatory slaying of the bull.

IMG_2734 IMG_2687 DSC03039 IMG_2776 IMG_2791 IMG_2742 IMG_2722


The “bull” is actually 2 dudes in a giant stuffed bull costume. They wear flip flops.

IMG_2744 IMG_2753

Learn more about it here: – make sure to scroll down to the very bottom and read the quote from the ’97 bull’s ass.

It was the most stupid, fun, ridiculous event. I might have to “document” again next summer.

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3 thoughts on “Run Bull Run!

  1. Hey,
    For your information, the young lady who has been the back end of the bull for the last 3 years doesn’t like being called a dude. Great write up, though. Thanks for coming.

  2. Thanks for the info Michael! I had read that it was 2 guys in an article – but actually glad to know that the women are representing 😉 Cheers to her!!

  3. That wasn’t a dude behind me? Wow. Seriously. Thank God.

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