my sister mia and i have followed extremely different career paths yet they’ve somehow managed to intersect in some very interesting ways. she’s an academic – a phd in mass communications focusing on game studies, teaching at ohio u, while i work for a large internet company focusing on product development and personalization. on our recent 12 hour roadtrip up the coast we talked about personalization, identity, virtual words and gaming. the conversation inspired me to take a closer look at these cross sections and i hope to write more about it in the future.

in the meantime, i’m reading the book mia just wrote, published by mit press, called cheating: gaining advantage in videogames. i like this review on amazon:

"An intriguing look at one of the most maligned aspects of gameplay, *Cheating* explores the act of subverting game rules from a range of perspectives and finds, surprisingly, not villains and spoilsports, but players of all types engaged in a complex negotiation of personal, cultural, and industrial exchange."
--Tracy Fullerton, Codirector, Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab, University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

i’m such a proud sis. if you have an interest in games and cheats, check it out:
mia's book Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames

she also wrote an excellent piece (with a great name) for back in december – cheating is good for you

if you’re just delving into this area, clive thompson of wired has some great pieces you may be interested in reading, as well as terranova.

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