sunset run

anyone who’s visited maine has probably seen the bumber stickers that say ‘welcome to maine, life in the slow lane’… that kind of sums up my trip so far. and without the heat (this morning was a crisp 50degrees – we peaked around 70 but quickly dropped back down) i haven’t been able to do my typical august week snoozing on the beach with a book. instead i’m keeping warm by riding dad’s bike, running and keeping my laptop on my lap 😉 it’s clear and beautiful though, so i’ll take it.

tonight i did a sunset run at a fav place, goose rocks beach. thought i might freeze, but it was glorious. snapped some pics along the way, of course.

GRB sunset run on the beach sandpipers chasing sandpipers skiffs beached for the night long exposure

oh – and yesterday i attempted to shoot video. it’s not that great, but just listening to the waves is nice if you haven’t done that in a while… Sunset at Goose Rocks Beach

finally (i did mention there’s not a lot to do here right?), on my way home there was all this creepy fog just hovering over the tall grass in a field. i pulled over and attempted to capture it, unsuccessfully (sans tripod), but thought the results were equally creepy. g’night.

IMG_3401 IMG_3400

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