skirtlogo A few weeks ago someone sent me a link to sk*rt, because they thought it was an interesting logo and use of an asterisk. Normally I scan and discard because I get links to random sites daily. But sk*rt struck me – maybe it was the flirty name, the retro-design, their bold descriptions (a social media platform of pure goodness…) or the first headlines I saw featured. Not sure – but I kept the tab up for weeks checking in periodically, then subscribed to some of their feeds and even registered. Why? At first it’s easy to dismiss them as just another Digg clone. But here’s what I like.

  • Nice mix of content. Although I like geeky tech stories as much as the next person, I already get my share of them using my feed reader, without having to go to Digg. sk*rt reminds me that there’s more to life like interesting photography, beer tasting, how to get along with your mother…
  • They have bookmarklets, RSS feeds, tag clouds, a blog, facebook groups – all the good stuff you would expect of any Digg-esque site. And I’m sure if I met any of them in person, they would have a cool laptop sticker for me.
  • It’s not always bleeding edge. I actually love that in the “up-and-coming” section of the site tonight one of the stories was about an organizational website called Netvibes. Hey, it’s always new to someone (although now I need to fill them in on a little site called myAOL…) 😉
  • The founders developed the idea on a conference call during the 2007 Super Bowl. Ok, maybe that’s not a good enough reason to use the site in your book…but I bet a lot of women can relate.

One look at the tag cloud and you’ll know who their target audience is.

tag cloud

My hope is that contributors keep it interesting and take the site beyond the parenting and kid links that seem to be leading the pack. But that will greatly depend on the people they attract to their site. It’s critical to have those categories and it’s a key segment to attract and retain, but I think there’s a huge audience between the mommy-contingent and Digg-ers that could also be well served by sk*rt.

Bottom line: sk*rt does a nice job providing a platform for discovering content via social recommendations with a sassy, feminine bent. It will be interesting to see how it grows and if they can keep a good balance of interesting content flowing across all of their categories. Check out some of their other coverage here:

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2 thoughts on “sk*rt

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  2. You’ve been stumbled! Watch your FB stats!

    I can only hope your review of us is so nice. 🙂

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