those blogger boys can shop

i’ve mentioned in the past that i’m not much of a shopper, so i’m always a little amazed at people who can take a mall by storm, zeroing in on the stores, styles and sizes they want. i’m even more amazed when it’s three guys leading me by the nose, leaving me in the smoke coming off their charge cards. is it a coincidence that all three are bloggers? judging by the ensembles at the last wordcamp event, i would guess that blogging is not the common thread here.

IMG_3587 IMG_3585

anyway, my inspiration for posting isn’t so much the blogger boys, but the shear happiness that radiated off them as they made their purchases. and while i couldn’t partake yesterday, i know i will have the same post-spending glow in two weeks. why? because i have an appointment with… my personal shopper. there. i said it. i pay someone to help me pick out my clothes. i’m good at a lot of things but i can admit i’m shopping-challenged and lauren has been a godsend. now that i’ve come out of the dressing room and made this public, here’s a little more info.

  • yes, it costs some money
  • i get more compliments than ever
  • my closet is organized (she helped purge and rearrange)
  • she does the work – i just try stuff on and buy what i like
  • she’s straight up about your um…assets and liabilities – and makes you feel good about all of it (eg, i’m not freakishly short – i’m adorably petit)
  • she listens
  • it’s fun

if you’re interested in seeing what a personal shopper can do for you, check out lauren’s business here: . or just ask one of the blogger boys above for some tips – they’ve got loads of them.

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One thought on “those blogger boys can shop

  1. Maybe Om, Ouriel and I should start our own shopping consulting firm. 🙂

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