capturing happiness


in “the art of travel” alain de botton writes about how we attempt to capture beauty and happiness through art. everything in life is so fleeting – we have an intrinsic desire to hold on to what we experience and unfortunately, our capacity for retaining those details purely via memory just doesn’t compare (for most of us).

i understand this well, as there’s a strong connection in my life between photography and happiness. aside from enjoying photography itself – the cameras & technology, composing, editing, sharing – i tend to take pictures of things or people i like, frequently. from the people in my life to an old windowsill, a local view or an interesting piece of seaweed in a tidal pool, i’m capturing not only images, but my thoughts and feelings at that moment, to take with me and experience again at a future time and place.

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One thought on “capturing happiness

  1. Kittie LeQue (aka kattytrick) on said:

    I understand compleatly and agree! I Quilt, Chrochett & Knit. And find that I can remember everything from that moment I made every stich. I’ve worked out A-LOT of things in my head while keeping my hands busy just this way.

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