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somehow i’ve managed to maintain monthly participation in a local bookgroup for a couple of years now. the group is perfect for me because no one takes it too seriously, everyone in the group is interesting to talk with (even if not everyone has read the book yet…), and sometimes we jump straight to wine or champaign before we even start on the topic at hand. my long, cross country flights provide some solid reading time and if i don’t make it one month, no one’s gonna kick me out.

occasionally i get asked what we’ve read or for recommendations, so today i thought i’d share what we’ve read over the past year or so, and a few of the books to come. i’ve also included a few books of my own choice, sitting on my shelf waiting for a long vacation.

past reads
in cold blood. capote
in the company of the courtesan. dunant
the art of travel. de botton
haroun and the sea of stories. rushdie
the last picture show. mcmurtry
julie and julia. powell
little children. tom perrotta
on beauty. smith
what is the what. eggers
the children in room e4. eaton
water for elephants: a novel. gruen
a confederacy of dunces. toole.
the rescue artist. dolnick

breakfast of champions. vonnegut
a year in the world. mayes
the wayward bus. steinbeck

my own list
stumbling on happiness. d gilbert
eat, pray, love. e gilbert
zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. pirsig
a prayer for owen meany. irving
life of pi. martel
bohemian manifesto. stover
tales of a female nomad: living at large in the world. gelman

if you’ve got suggestions for books you’ve loved, please leave them in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “books and book group

  1. Great book picks… I am personally a Stephen King fanatic! Anything written by him, I recomend! (One exception, Gerald’s Game sucked lol)… Congratulations on being a guest editor’s pick in Magic Smoke! -Missy

  2. Thanks for linking me on calmwater. I noticed your interview and thought this was interesting,

    “current job aims to “remove some of the noise” and “bubble up what is most important for people.”

    Sounds nice to me. 🙂

    Books! I loved Dogs of Babel. And there’s another… I gave the book to a friend but can’t remember the name right now. Just emailed her and will post back.

  3. Thanks Kayla! Will be sure to check it out 🙂

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