winter escape

my friends and family have heard me whining for months about my lack of vacation travel during the past year, but no more! last week i booked my trip to kauai and i couldn’t be more excited. 2 weeks of r&r, sand between toes, flip flops… ahhh.  the trip will be great, but the anticipation is just as important to my happiness. i keep browsing flickr for pics like these:

i promise to litter this blog with kauai pics when i return but for now, i will post a few pics from another one of the world’s most beautiful islands, santorini. i was fortunate enough to travel to greece with an amazing group of friends a few years ago – we did a couple days in athens and then traveled to the white-washed island where all were captivated by the beauty, food and friends we made.

see more greece pics

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One thought on “winter escape

  1. JC,

    I just got back from Kauai – got off the plane this morning. Will be posting the pix on my flickr account/blog soon, but let me know if I can help.

    Had a great time hiking, horseback riding, beachcombing and just sightseeing.


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