adventure day

the jungle

i’m exhausted. today i went on a hiking adventure that the ultimate kauai guidebook calls the ‘secret tunnel to the north shore’. let’s just say they’ve classified it as an adventure vs a hike with good reason. it’s hard to describe, but there are lots of rivers and streams to cross, a gorgeous bamboo forest, picky brambles and thick brush, boulders, logs and branches to scramble over or under, mud, mud and more mud, mostly uphill for the first few hours, rain (because you’re basically in the wettest place on earth), then you get to the tunnels, which you go through for a mile each in the darkness through ankle/shin-deep cold water, then backtrack and do it all over again to get to the car. left at 8am and got back at 8pm. i have some battle-scars…may need some spa love and beach time in the next few days. gorgeous views, little surprises around each turn and a major sense of accomplishment made it all worth it.

tunnel/cave entrance 1

this is why we hike...

bamboo forest

bamboo forest

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3 thoughts on “adventure day

  1. mosse zidane on said:

    Photos well taken.The angle and setting superb.Cheers.

  2. thank you mosse! it was a little tough navigating the terrain and the camera 😉

  3. Well Done & Thank You

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