the all american roadtrip…across kauai


ok, this may seem odd…but i decided not to rent a car for my 2 weeks on kauai. i decided to mostly lay on the beach, walk, hike and use my creative energy to intend that a car would find me if i needed one. it worked – just when i was starting to feel some strong wanderlust, (which also happened to be the international day of awesomeness) this really nice guy offered his extra truck to me for the rest of my trip (mahalo alan!). so, yesterday i decided to do the all-american thing by packing up the truck and trekking across the island stopping at every interesting thing i could find. i watched the sunrise over hanalei , visited a gorgeous hindu temple, checked out small towns, waterfalls and new beaches, saw a monk seal sleeping on a beach, ran around huge dunes and saw the sunset at polihale. exhausted, i picked up some late-night dinner, drove to a secluded beach and laid under the moon and stars just to reflect.

hanalei valley around sunrise

hanalei, taro fields

aadheenam, hindu monastery

monk seal

road to polihale



see more pics here

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4 thoughts on “the all american roadtrip…across kauai

  1. Maria on said:

    JC, this is amazing. All of it.

  2. We forget how beautiful our world is! Thank you for sharing!

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