startups and their leaders

over the past year and a half i’ve been privileged to meet with many startups and in a few cases have decided to find ways to work with them. sometimes the fit is obvious, sometimes you’re not so sure – you just feel some latent opportunity and have to work together to uncover all of the mutual benefits. and when the right people are involved, with the right chemistry, it happens.

today it was announced that aol acquired sphere – which i personally could not be more happy about. the sphere team is a dream to work with – smart, energetic, nimble and creative. we could have worked with other companies [and this is what i want to point out to all you startups out there] but we wanted to work with tony, martin and team. same with goowy – we wanted to work with alex, gary and the goowy guys. today more than ever, when you can find multiple startups to fit your needs, it’s the relationship that matters. tony and alex get that more than most of their competitors. they call, they write, they bring the enthusiasm and creative flexibility that just makes you want to work with them.

congrats tony & team – i’m still your biggest fan 🙂

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3 thoughts on “startups and their leaders

  1. Hi Jen – we really appreciate the kind words, very flattering. AOL, like most successful companies, can be daunting to navigate when you’re a fledgling start-up. We had a few conversations going on with AOL when we met you, but we kinda felt like we were spinning in circles. I’m sure no malice was intended but it was a bit frustrating. You changed that. You took an interest and you pointed us in the right direction. THANK YOU.

    I trust you know that we’re thrilled to joining AOL. It’s an opportune time to do and we all hope we can make a contribution.


  2. hey jen – thanks for the support. hope we have the chance to meet soon now that we’re all under the same umbrella!

  3. JC great talking to you last night, ping me lets have lunch.

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