goodbye cottage

happy little house as i unpack and settle into my new place, i want to pay a little tribute to the cottage i called home for so long. it may be old, a bit creeky and somewhat high-maintenance but it was always cozy, warm and welcoming. may it stand strong for at least another 80 years.

afternoon light

afternoon light


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4 thoughts on “goodbye cottage

  1. I’m such a sentimental fool. Reading articles like this makes me a bit sad. Nice place! The article struck a chord in me as two days ago, I took pictures of the former building where I stayed some four years back. I heard it was going to be demolished to make way for a hotel. Good memories in that one. Thanks for the article; it’s a nice read!

  2. my Goodness why on earth would you ever leave such a heavenly place, if I may ask where is it, and is it a place you own or rented or what? I have just fell in love with it. It is the most wonderful place I have ever seen other than in my own mind when I read. thank you for the pics. and if you don’t mind please send the location. thank you, C.H.

  3. thanks Shazbot and chana. it was definitely hard to leave but life is full of change. appreciate your notes!

  4. Chana on said:

    Well jc thank you for the reply, I truely do love that cottage, and it just so happens I have found myself very unexpectedly in need of a new place to start life anew, and that wonderful little house sure would make it a softer place to do it. so is there a way to get info on how to rent or bye the house. if you don’t mind me asking. I thank you, if you do mind than I say I am sorry ahead of time. and wish you a great week and wonderful life in your new quest. nay the joys of the earth be with you.
    🙂 Chana

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