i luv this product – fitbit

TC50 - Fitbit

fitbit inspires people to exercise more, eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. they’ve developed a small clippable device called the ‘fitbit tracker’ you put on your body (pocket, bra strap, whatever works for you). it’s an ultra-compact wireless sensor that tracks all your behavior – making everything you do much more visible to you – how much activity you get, how much you eat, etc… it all gets sent back to your own page on fitbit.com to analyze and present the details back to you. it will be available in late december, early january for around $99 – accepting preorders now.

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3 thoughts on “i luv this product – fitbit

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  2. shwaldman on said:

    I had a similar product back in the mid-90s. The technology has improved so much. This one has an accelerometer – quite a bit different than a basic pedometer and wireless techology – mine required telephone dial-up connections. Mine went from buy-one product pricing to buy plus subscription. This one is buy-only now, I hope it can stay that way!

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