this weekend the full moon is the brightest it’s been in 50 years. the way the light catches on the ice-covered branches is magical. the air is clear yet frigid. it’s a weekend to bundle up by a fire and enjoy the magic and beauty of the season. but, that’s not why i’m home in maine this weekend.

this blog is usually my place for posts about happiness or photos from a recent trip. but today is a sad day. my cousin andrew is gone in what can only be described as a terrible tragedy. he just turned 21 and he is gone.

as i stood outside in the cemetery this morning, the sun shone brightly over the arched trees bent in half by the weight of the ice encapsulating every limb. it was impossible not to be overcome with sorrow – the grief was palpable. but how symbolic the day was, the sun shining as bright as andrew’s smile, the five planes flying high above in formation paying tribute to a fellow pilot. the sunshine on the ice was blinding, contrasting with the black coats of those in mourning. the air was still, the hugs were strong and full of love, compassion and tears.

the service was inspiring – specifically the stories told by family and friends. stories that make you realize how many sides of a person exist and how one person can weave themselves through the tapestry of so many people’s lives, becoming a part of their personal fabric forever.

after yesterdays wakes, today’s early morning family prayer, then the service and finally the burial, the luncheon was a time for release. ladies from the parish provided a full spread. smiles, even laughter could be found at most tables – the sadness still fresh, only mere inches from the surface. it seemed natural, probably instinctual, that after such a morning of open, heavy grieving our souls would remind us that we are still alive and bring a few moments of lightness to us all.

andrew will be forever in our hearts and memories. his spirit lives on with everyone he touched and soars as high as the planes he flew.  much, much love to my family who will continue to miss his presence forevermore.


i wish i had flown with you, andrew. i’m so proud of everything you’ve done. thank you for the inspiration you left for us – but i wish you had not left so soon.

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10 thoughts on “andrew

  1. Jen, I’m sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great guy.

  2. To the family and friends of Andrew, i am deeply sorry for your loss. Andrew was a great friend and a brother to all of the people he lived and worked with in Florida. Every time i think of Andrew i remember his smile and the passion he had in life. I ask that you find comfort knowing Andrew was a great friend and even more he was family to us all!

  3. stephanie on said:

    Jen what a nice write up it really was a nice tribute to the man he had become. I am seriously thinking about going flying again like I did with my dad as a kid it has been so long and I have forgotten the feeling.See you this weekend. Have a better week.

  4. Kevin – thanks so much for the comment – hope you and the family are doing well.

    Rob – I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear from his friends in Florida. Very comforting. Thank you!

    Steph – thanks so much! I think that would be so cool, you should definitely go flying again! See you again soon – xoxo.

  5. Matt Matherne on said:

    Missed out on a flight with one of Maine and Florida’s best pilots.
    See ya at Heaven’s Gate Andrew!

  6. Nancy Thompson on said:

    JC, I’m very sorry for your loss. You’ve written an exceptionally beautiful and moving eulogy. Thank you for sharing the moment.

  7. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. My family continues to pray for your family. God bless.

  8. Thanks everyone. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

  9. Beautifully written. I just stumbled upon this post. Tomorrow when I wake up and see the sun shining, I will think of your cousin, Andrew’s smile. God bless.

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