are the animals talking?

usually my parents, sister and i get together on christmas eve with the rest of our extended family, coming home late in the night. it’s tradition that on our way home we chat about the family dogs and what they’ve been talking about on this magical night. apparently it’s a pretty common tale across various cultures that animals talk on christmas eve. i did a quick search and found several sites discussing this fun christmas myth.

but this christmas eve our family is home, so if the dogs can talk at midnight tonight, they’ll have to do it in front of us or sneak downstairs to have a quick tête-à-tête while we’re watching movies. right now they look pretty happy snoozing.

did anyone else grow up with this story?

happy christmas eve from elliot and jasper…



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3 thoughts on “are the animals talking?

  1. My cats talk about rodents of all sizes, but they are all wrapped up and can’t move …. hmmm ….
    Merry xmas to all felines, canines and humans alike.

  2. Jen, our dogs talk daily : )

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