little great night in harlem

at Great Night in Harlem event

i love it when life suddenly takes you to new places you would never have dreamed of.  last may i was on a panel at the techcocktail conference in chicago, and ended up meeting david gardner, a really great up-and-comer in the tech space. through david, i was able to meet kabir sehgal, and then found myself a guest at his nyc event, “little great night in harlem” hosted by jude law & time warner chairman dick parsons. the event celebrated the mission of the jazz foundation of america, introducing us to some of their members and of course, the music and musicians.

i missed their earlier event in december and decided there was no way i was missing this one. here are a few highlights from the trip…

  • forget planes and trains – they got no wifi! i decided to try the bolt bus instead – which has decent legroom, comfy seats and wifi. the trip actually flew by, i got a lot done online and they dropped us off at 33rd and 7th by 2pm.
  • dancing in the famous alhambra ballroom in harlem, where billie holiday sang back in the day. i didn’t think i’d dance but after dave pulled me out to the dance floor, i just kept going until my 4 inch heels couldn’t kick anymore.
  • sitting next to and chatting with mr danny glover. i didn’t get to talk with blythe danner but she spoke to the group and was stunning. she read a letter from jude law who wasn’t able to make it due to an injury. see pics of them here.
  • saying hello to dick parson’s, who didn’t believe i was old enough to have worked at aol for almost 13 years. how very kind of him. that man can dance.
  • watching sweet georgia brown get down and dirty (if you don’t believe me – watch her with danny glover in this video clip)!  shes got a voice that just does not stop. i got my very own sweet georgia hug from her after the show.
  • all of the talent was amazing – but after the show a few of us got a private concert back at my hotel… we found a vacant ballroom with a piano where jazz pianist eric lewis entertained us until 3am. i can’t even describe what a treat this was. i’ve been listening to these clips nonstop. check out the embedded video below (thanks somewhatfrank for taking them!).
  • after a few hours of sleep, i threw on some clothes and joined frank’s tweet-up downtown at the comfort diner. we had great conversations with nate, charlie, mike and ian – and the food made the morning trek worth it.

despite the weather and then the plane crashing in the hudson (our bus was very connected to the news!), i kind of wanted to stay for a few more days. but new york is close and i’ll be back up. MANY THANKS to kabir, dave, and all the great people i met – jeff, brent, eric, wendy and everyone else.

enjoy some pics and videos from the night.

me and danny

at Great Night in Harlem event

sweet georgia brown

listening to Eric Lewis

listening to Eric Lewis

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2 thoughts on “little great night in harlem

  1. That piano playing was sick. just sick.

    you looked beautiful.

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