kauai photoshopping

here is the third part of my photoshopping around series. there may be more to come but the next week will be so busy that it may be a little while. especially since i just got MY NEW CAMERA and we’ll be busy getting to know each other.

i decided the best way to keep learning and moving forward was to identify a few artists i really enjoy and use their work as inspiration. so, my inspiration right now comes from two people – linda plaisted (many muses studio), an amazing local artist whose work i purchased last year and whom i follow on flickr, and aaron nace (arfotography) who is so creative and talented that i go to flickr everyday to see his daily post.  you may not see their influence, but it primarily came through in playing with layering, texture and color. as always, i’d love constructive feedback. and if you’re not loving the prolonged east-coast winter, enjoy these scenes from kauai.

kauai series

kauai series

kauai series

kauai series

kauai series

kauai series

kauai series

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8 thoughts on “kauai photoshopping

  1. Fab! Artsy and interesting stuff.
    Ah, the warmth of Kauai would be so nice right about now…

  2. Thanks Brian! That’s for sure. How I would LOVE to be in Kauai again right now.

  3. Awesome photos! I’m going over to Flickr to add some new favorites 🙂

  4. So nice of you Blake. See you on Flickr!

  5. Jen – so great to see you doing more with photos – you are immensely talented, and I can’t wait to see what else you create

    Cheers –


  6. Thanks so much Oren! It’s been wonderfully invigorating having time for artistic exploration. There is lots more to come!

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