we live in public

we figured that while at sxsw, we needed to get at least one movie in and there was only one that was a MUST see for us.  that was ‘we live in public‘ directed by ondi timoner.  lots of familar faces in the film including jason calacanis, julia allison and other industry peeps. most exciting was talking with director ondi timoner after the film. it raises a lot of questions about what we, and future generations, are getting ourselves into with our need to broadcast our daily lives. we gain various levels of fame, and in some rare circumstances, fortune, but at what cost?  do we begin to lose our true selves while we perform for the world?

ondi was asked her opinion about where this is leading – watch the video below to hear her answer.  i didn’t ask my questions but afterward  wondered… did harris ever get any professional counseling? is he on the verge of a comeback?  and most importantly, is luvvy gone forever (god-willing)?  to a lesser extent than harris, i do believe today’s life streaming via social networks creates new challenges for the psyche – likely overwhelming today’s therapists with statements like: “he told me he was home but then i saw the pictures on facebook…” and of course “everyone saw the picture of me at the party doing X with X.. what do i do now?”.  not to mention hyper-inflated egos that need constant feeding, increased opportunity for identity fraud and unparalleled power by companies who own all of our info.  it all begs the question, where are we headed?  where do we draw the line?

i recently read this passage from jon kabat-zinn and plan to keep it in mind so i, for one, continue to seek balance as i also stay hyperconnected to the rest of the world.

with our cell phones and pda’s, we are now able to be in touch with anyone and everyone at any time. in the process, we run the risk of never being in touch with ourselves. … what about not connecting with anyone in our “in-between” moments? what about realizing that there are actually no in-between moments at all? what about being in touch with who is on this end of the line, not the other end? what about calling ourselves up for a change, and checking in, seeing what we are up to? what about just being in touch with how we are feeling, even in those moments when we may be feeling numb, or overwhelmed, or bored or disjointed, or anxious or depressed, or needing to get one more thing done?

arriving at your own door – 108 lessons in mindfulness

SxSW - We Live in Public screening

SxSW - We Live in Public screening

SxSW - We Live in Public screening

SxSW - We Live in Public screening

video from the q&a session:

We Live In Public Film Screening at SXSW from Frank Gruber on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “we live in public

  1. I think we need to stop and consider friendship. How many friends do you need? How many can you have? Are you confusing acquaintances with true friends? Do you really need 759 followers on Twitter? Is your head expanding while your character is deflating? Are you real, or just a character?

  2. Great site, Good info

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