140conf by Jen Consalvo

140 conference

it’s been a while between postings because, well, i’ve been busy. maine, milwaukee, taiwan, new york, chicago – all since the middle of may. that’s a lot even for me.

if you follow my flickr photo stream then you’ve seen some of the pics, but i’m still getting caught up – almost done!  and with those pics, come blog posts. many are in draft form right now, but this first one is about jeff pulver’s #140conf that took place in new york city early last week. i think the best description of the event is jeff’s, from his post-event email:

One of my goals of creating and producing #140conf was to in effect enable what could be best described as: “Social Media Heterosis” (hybrid vigor in the social media space) and cross connect communities which are all using twitter as a platform in their business but would have otherwise have never had any reason to meet each or connect with each other.

heterosis aside – clearly it was the sheer variety of people who showed up and participated that made #140conf worthwhile. put even more simply.. there were lots more artsy people there than at your typical tech conference. 😉

many other people wrote recaps far better than my notes would allow, so i’ll post some of my favorite images here and include links to some posts i found interesting or informative, below. the picture above is from a fun session where a group of us taught supermodel melissa haro (@melissaharo) about twitter. big thanks to jeff pulver for producing the event and getting us all involved.

140 Conference, NYC - news panel with Ann Curry

140 Conference, NYC

140 Conference, NYC - teaching Melissa Haro about Twitter

140 Conference, NYC - teaching Melissa Haro about Twitter

140 Conference, NYC - Brian Solis & the Headless Green Maidens

140 Conference, NYC

140 Conference - Heather Gold (@heathr)

140 Conference - GaryVee

140 Conference

140 Conference

140 Conference

140 Conference

140 Conference - Chris Sacca talks with Wyclef Jean

140 Conference

and just a few pics that reveal my obsession with footware…

140 Conference - fun kicks

140 Conference - fun kicks

140 Conference - fun kicks

more images here.

recaps, opinions and such:

and of course, to be balanced, here are some strong thoughts on the weaknesses of the event by paul carr.
guardian.co.uk – series: not safe for work -and we’ll tweet at the end of the tour

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3 thoughts on “140 conference

  1. Karen snyder on said:

    Are those Marta Kagan’s Chuck Taylor’s?

  2. actually, i think they belong to @melissapierce 🙂 there were lots of fun shoes everywhere i looked!

  3. Sharon Glassman on said:

    Thank you for Tweeting this – I love your photos (how cool to see my bow in action!) I adore the footwear in particular, too! Wondering now: could there be a sub-conference called 140 stilettos/sneaks/clogs? 🙂

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