after dark

i’ve set up my tripod and played around with long exposures in the past and loved the results. for some reason, i just got away from it.  but since i have a new camera and tripod, i decided to find inspiration on flickr and as usual, i was not disappointed. in fact, it was a bit overwhelming so i just honed in on a few artists whose work i really identified with and spent some time checking out the images and the properties (if available) so i can learn and expand.

i’d like to highlight a few examples and then share a few of my own. just to let you know, this is an area i’d really like to improve in my own work and i’m hoping to use some upcoming trips to really play.

first, check out flickr user moechen and his 3 second exposure of the marginal way (a beautiful trail along the coast in southern maine).

through the camera’s exif data that flickr collects (look for the “more properties” link in the right rail), i can see the following info for this image:  it was taken with a Nikon D300, exposed for 3 seconds at f/11.0 using a lens that allowed for a 14 mm focal length (awesome wide angle). he set the iso to 200 with no flash. i know from the photographer’s comment that this was a sunrise shot.

second, i absolutely love this picture of the portland head light, taken by flickr user l.a. wayman. the glow of the water is beautiful, but unfortunately he’s hidden his exif data making it hard to learn from. i can certainly use it as inspiration.
Night Light by L.A.Wayman

i also want to highlight rebekka guðleifsdóttir who has given me an entirely new way to view winter. her long exposures from iceland take my breath away. i can’t republish her pictures, but check out her long exposure set on flickr. and finally, another flickr user with an inspirational collection of long exposures is jim patterson. if you check out his stuff, you’ll see he gives a lot of description including his gear and settings – which is great to learn from.

so, here are some new and old photos from my own long exposure collection. i can’t wait to take some shots in the coming weeks with a new perspective and inspiration. time to push it into high-gear!

new shots from maine a few weeks ago….

playing with timed exposures

playing with timed exposures

playing with timed exposures

old shots from a trip to prague and santorini in 2005…

long exposure: santorini 2005

long exposure: prague 2005

long exposure: prague 2005

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3 thoughts on “after dark

  1. Don’t pay strict attention to moechen’s exposure settings in an attempt to recreate his results. He’s highly dependent on HDR and post-processing. This is not a judgement. IMO, there’s no difference in alteration in the digital darkroom as in the old-school kind. Ansel Adams and Richard Avedon (among many others) heavily relied on burning and dodging and very advanced darkroom techniques to get their results too.

    You should check out: Not of this earth.

    • Good point! As I combed through Flickr for interesting long exposures, I noticed more and more of them using HDR for super-saturated effects. I’m a fan of post-processing (when I have time & desire) but if people don’t recognize it when they see it, they may wonder why their pictures don’t have the same depth. Thanks for pointing that out and for recommending Flickr user lichtmaedel – wow- gorgeous work!

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