light house by Jen Consalvo

maine scenes

i just realized i never posted these pics from my last trip to maine. and actually, i really like them. most are daytime shots, but the first image was from a long exposure test i did late night while trying to learn some of my new camera’s capabilities.  this was the only one i was happy with because it has some personality, like a jazzy version of “starry night”.  if you like night photography and are just getting started, check out this post on by robin ryan. and if you’ve been at it for a while and have some great tips of your own, please share them with us in the comments below. i  just found another article – very helpful, detailed info by martin bailey over at

here are a few tips of my own:

  • bring a flashlight.  if it’s really dark, you’ll need it for focusing, illuminating things if you want and to see your way around!
  • be patient. you’ll likely shoot quite a few pictures of the same shot as you test different exposures for the results you want.
  • make sure your tripod is securely set. for this shot, i had it set in sand and it sunk a few times, blurring the shots.
  • find your location during the day and think through what you want for the shot. a little planning goes a long way.

starry night at fortunes rocks, testing night exposures

looking out at biddeford pool

dusk at fortunes rocks

dusk at fortunes rocks

flying kites

portland head light

portland head light

portland head light

by the way, if you’re interested in more tips, sign up for my email list so you’ll know when my book is finished. cheers!

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4 thoughts on “maine scenes

  1. Very nice, Jen! I’ll be up there for a day before moving on to the Maine Workshops in Rockport at the end of next week. Recognize this

    • beautiful! i’ll be there again on wednesday 🙂
      i’ve always wanted to go to the maine workshops. i’ve been getting the catalog for the past ten years but have yet to go up there. can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Hilton Joseph on said:

    Beautiful photos very picturesqe landscapes

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