what are you thankful for?

as many of you know, i’ve been working on a few personal projects in an attempt to design my own life including my own businesses. well, the first of these projects has launched – it’s one of our shiny heart ventures and you can find it at thankfulfor.com. it’s a simple online gratitude journal which you can make public or private. go in each day and write a few things you are thankful for – it’s a mood booster and many people (including myself) also believe it’s a key to well-being. do it for a few months and see how your outlook on life changes…and if you’re so inclined, you can add your twitter info to share your thankful posts with your social network , spreading good vibes far and wide. facebook and other sites will be added soon along with more features. please give it a try! (you don’t have to be on twitter to use it)

as paul graham from y combinator says, if you’re not a little embarrassed by your product release, you waited too long to launch. i’m proud to say, i’ve felt those little moments when the site’s gone down, when i realized it didn’t look so hot in some browsers, when people started asking why it’s so basic and where certain features were (they are on our list and will be out there as soon as we can manage) and when those little things called bugs pop up… but i’m also proud and so excited to have reached this very important first step. because the point is to have a vision, get it going and then build from there. rome wasn’t built in a day! i feel like the proud mother of a newborn, with plenty of plans and excitement for the future, but also huge desire to just enjoy this moment in time. and of course, i have much gratitude for the small team around me – because it takes a team to make things happen – as well as the support of friends and family.

to honor this moment i’m going to make a visual gratitude post of things i’m thankful for from this past summer, which finally seems over now that it’s october :). you can also view my thankfulfor gratitude journal here.

mia picking berries
blueberry picking with my sister

pig farm
driving past this on an old country road and laughing hysterically

uncovering the goods
my parent’s lobsterbakes

thankfulfor family & friends
time with friends & family (and cake!)

carousel & sky
brilliant colors of summer

dc's gay pride parade
festivals and parades

Washingtonian DC Tech Titans Party
garden cocktails

Jodie & Mike's Wedding
jodie’s wedding

Jodie's party at La Costa
fun with girlfriends

farmers market
farmers markets

jioufen old street
traveling to taipei

Frank & Lemon
parties with puppies

summer flowers

sandy path
sandy walks

I found fall today...must be October
welcoming the fall

what are you thankful for?

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