sunflower by Jen Consalvo

a photographic study

there are lots of techniques out there to improve our photography skills. one technique that seems to be growing in popularity is to take on a 365 project. the basic notion is to take at least one photograph everyday for a year. there are variations on the project – some people choose to take a photo of themselves everyday, others might choose a specific object, or a theme like portraits, or just one picture a day from their daily life. regardless of topic, you are focused and practicing with an aim to stretch yourself and improve. i actually like the idea of photographing yourself or a particular object everyday because it forces you to get creative. check out this ultra-creative 365 day self-portrait project by flickr member aknacer and another one by his partner in crime, flickr member rosiehardy.

i haven’t yet taken on a 365 day project… but i often take a particular object and attempt to shoot it in many different ways for the same reason – to challenge myself to see things differently, mix it up, get creative, grow.  have you done a 365 project? if so, i’d love to hear from you – leave a note in the comments please!

sunflower series

sunflower series

sunflower series

sunflower series

sunflower series

sunflower series

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One thought on “a photographic study

  1. I didn’t get the chance to do the 365 project yet, but I just can’t help but admire the gorgeous look of the sunflower you took, especially no.4 I love the most. It’s a great concept to try out, a pic for a day.

    Great to meet you on Tweetsgiving. I wonder if there’s a picture for the story too? Wish you best!

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