night at Biddeford Pool by Jen Consalvo

photographic challenges

i did a post a few weeks ago about paying respect to 2009… since then, i’ve done a lot of thinking about my goals for 2010. i’m not going to list them out in this post, but i do want to talk about some of them. i have goals around launching my book* and selling it of course, and around some new photography projects i want to start this year. but in thinking about all those things, it made me look at my strengths and weaknesses. i hate having weaknesses, but i’m human – and i’m also determined to improve on them!

so, this year, the areas of photography i really want to work on are:

  • long exposures – particularly very long exposures at night. i’m so inspired by photographers like jim patterson and rebekka – their work is sheer bliss in pixels. i long to shoot like they do and push myself to find scenes that will work well, which is half the battle. i’ve started experimenting (below) but feel like i have many more hours to put in.

playing with timed exposures
starry night at goose rocks beach

  • lighting – i love working with natural light, but it’s not always available and mastering artificial light sources is required for many shoots. i’ve taken classes in the past, but i packed up most of my lights and put them in storage years ago. i think i’m ready to get them out and give it a go again! i’d like to use them for a portrait series…
  • more portrait work – i love capturing the essence of someone in a photo. and while i’m pretty good at it, i want to try some new techniques (like studio lighting) and expand my portfolio.

Jodie & Mike's Wedding

Jodie & Mike's Wedding

  • sales – i have to keep reminding myself that the sales aspect is just as important as shooting or else i’ll go broke! i suppose many people feel that way, but i would say that in 2009 i excelled at giving away my services for free or for barter. now that i have a full year of self-employment under my belt (but many many years of study and practice) i need to be more careful and respectful of my own time. i’m actually excited about this as a personal challenge!  here is one of my first efforts – selling some of my pics from maine on our shiny maine lobster site.

we’re never to old to keep growing and keep challenging ourselves. and the more i tell others about my challenges, the more everyone helps to keep me honest (and provides gentle prodding and encouragement along the way). what personal challenges and goals do you have for yourself this year?  whether or not they are related to photography, i’d love to hear them.

*by the way, the working title for the book is “love your photos” – make sure to sign up for my new mailing list so you can be the first to know when it’s ready and get a discount!  it’s separate from the updates from this blog. no spam – i promise.

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2 thoughts on “photographic challenges

  1. Deanna McNeil on said:

    I want to live fearlessly. I am so excited about possibilities that I may not even know exist yet but are right around the corner. I am so happy to be alive and I savor every moment.

  2. Thanks Deanna – I’m going to add that one to my list too!

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