photo montage

what’s your photo-personality?

i’ve gone through many phases in my life as a photographer.  there were times i didn’t want to leave a studio or the dark room and all the shots i took looked like man ray abstractions. then there was the time i took a large format photography class and tried to channel my inner ansel adams. i usually have my camera at most family events or parties with friends. but my deepest obsession with photography comes out when i travel – i have to warn any travel companions that i may disappear from time to time. macro photography also makes me super happy… it’s like meditation for me. and of course, when i shoot a great portrait of someone there’s such a deep satisfaction.

what floats your boat when you get a camera in your hands? how would you describe your photo-persona?

what is your photo-personality?(surveys)

here are a few photos that show some of my own photo-personalities…

treasures eiffel

water lillies

eric lewis & band plays hr-57 in dc


fancy fries

Jason Mraz Live in DC at Constitution Hall

roosevelt island


kauai series

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One thought on “what’s your photo-personality?

  1. The poll was fun. I truly am grateful to be in the digital era so I can take more pictures without remorse. One day I will graduate to a more formal camera, I do feel limited by my little point & shoot at times.

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