whitehorse by Jen Consalvo

going wide… photos from the ranch

a few months ago i was in texas for business and was invited to a friend’s ranch for the weekend. given that i’ve never been to a ranch, i thought it would be pretty exciting and planned to bring my fresh-from getting a good cleaning canon camera. long story short, just before leaving austin and heading to the ranch, i had a serious accident with my camera. the body was fine, the lens, not so much. i had an important decision to make.. go to the ranch sans camera and figure things out when i returned home, or find a local pro-shop? i did the latter and walked out with 2 things:  1) assurance from the pro’s that my lens could be repaired for less than it cost to replace it, and 2) a new wide angle lens to make me feel better for the ranch weekend. it was on my wishlist anyway – what better excuse?

the lens:  a canon 17-40mm.  i still haven’t had my other lens fixed, so for the next few posts, you’ll be seeing more from this lens. my verdict? i love it. to fill my frame with a subject it forces me to get up close to the action. but now i can capture scenic landscapes better than ever. wider wider wider!

note… i’ll be emailing everyone soon about the release of my new book –  “Love Your Photos”, so if you haven’t already, sign up for my email list so you see all future interviews and announcements about the book.

Horse in Stable
text text

text text

Riding Boots

text text

Little Cowboy

text text

Braided Tail

text text
Lead Line
text text
Rounded Neck
text text

text text

text text

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