Horses at sunrise in Texas by Jen Consalvo

foggy morning at the ranch

as mentioned in my last post, i spent a lot of time shooting with my new lens at the ranch. on my last morning there, before i had to race to the airport, i got up early and decided to walk around the property. to my surprise, there was a heavy, wet fog that made a beautiful diffusor for the rising sun. i walked around looking for interesting trees, but in the distance i could hear the sound of approaching horses, their galloping reaching my ears long before i could see them through the fog. quickly they would appear, run past me, then disappear into the fog again as they made their way around the far end of the pond. each time they circled the pond, i would feel the impact in the ground and the sounds of their heavy hooves and wait in anticipation for them to appear. what a lovely way to spend a morning.

by the way – i released my book! you can get it here now.

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4 thoughts on “foggy morning at the ranch

  1. Jen your photos are ethereal. I love this series!

  2. Very nice photos! I like the composition and the lighting. I just got back from a month’s trip to Australia. Still struggling with 2 GB of pics 😉

  3. Thank you, Kristine & Walter!

    Walter – good luck with your photos. It’s a struggle (I have a gig or two from Kauai that I haven’t looked at yet!) but it’s like reliving your trip. Kinda fun!

  4. Spectacular shots. The fog created a wonderful effect and leaves a wonderful feel to the pictures.

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