maine boat by Jen Consalvo

we shoot when we can. maine pics from last summer.

my work has taken me away from photography over the past year. it’s amazing to think i have thousands of photos i’ve taken that i haven’t even had a chance to review. photos sit waiting to be processed… and the busier i’ve been, the less i’ve shot with my dslr, leveraging the convenience of my iphone 4 instead. i have about 15 posts i’d like to make, but i’m going to just post when i can, and jump around to whatever strikes me. tonight, it’s photos from last summer’s trip to maine. mostly shot with an iphone 3g, processed a variety of ways.


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2 thoughts on “we shoot when we can. maine pics from last summer.

  1. What delicious images of the coastline. My favorite image is the one of the reeds and the water running in between. I imagine I can just hear the quiet of the earth combined with grasshoppers and other life happily enjoying the rich banquet just below eye level. Thank you for sharing what you shot when you could 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Deanna! I really treasure my time in Maine… not only because my family is there, but because the nature (the air, the sounds, smells, etc) are so familiar and comforting. I’m glad it comes through!

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