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Thank you for your interest in Love Your Photos! This ebook includes:

  • ✽ Over 70 pages of simple tips and photo illustrations
  • ✽ Enlightening insights and gorgeous photos from over 10 amazing photographers
  • ✽ Explanations of the only photographic terms you need to know (that often confuse many people, needlessly)
  • ✽ A complete list of online resources for editing, sharing, community and more
  • ✽ Inspiration that will motivate you to pick up your camera and go shoot!
  • ✽ A 1 month money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied

Buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone else for just $5.95 today!

Get your copy of Love Your Photos now!

Does this sound familiar?

You convinced yourself (and maybe someone else) that you should have a great camera. You went out and got one – spent thousands of dollars in fact. Now you leave it on Auto and wonder what else you could or should be doing with your camera.  The excitement has passed – and you just don’t love all the pictures you take with it. It may even be collecting dust. It was supposed to help you love your photos -what happened?


You’ve been using the same camera for years (or none at all) and long to have beautiful pictures you can share on Facebook or take pictures of your products to sell on Ebay. But you don’t even know where to start in terms of what to buy.


Maybe you just love photography and are always looking for ways to improve. But you don’t have time or the desire to take an expensive 6 week course. There’s so much to learn! The camera manual itself weighs about 3 lbs. The menu is a complex computer in and of itself. Lighting lessons seem so complex. ISO could mean In Search Of a good photographer for all you know.

I get it.

There’s so much to learn, so little time, yet so many great pictures you want to take each day – those memories are just flying by. Don’t miss them.

I’ve been behind a camera for over 20 years and understand how people learn. My book skips the complexities you don’t need, and focuses on the tips that will truly help you today.  In addition to my own tips, I’ve also reached out to a number of amazing photographers to get their insights. Over 70 pages are filled with quick lessons, fun examples and beautiful photographs.

Get your copy of Love Your Photos now!

I get asked the same questions over and over again:
✽ what camera should I buy?
✽ what settings should I use?
✽ how do I get better results?
✽ what sites do you use to share?
✽ what resources do you use for editing and sharing?

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in Love Your Photos:

✽ What really matters when looking for a new camera, and if you really need to spend money on one.
✽ The features and settings that actually make your photos look better.
✽ An entire list of online resources for editing tools, sharing and more.
✽ Tips from today’s modern photographers, including using your mobile device.
✽ Simple explanations of terms that confuse many people, needlessly!

Here’s a sneak peek into the table of contents and other pages…

Love Your Photos

Love Your Photos

Need more help with this decision? Keep reading…

>> Every page is filled with valuable information. This isn’t another “How-to” ebook that only tells you “How to” after you’ve suffered through 300 pages of repetitive fluff.

>> Expert photographers include Thomas Hawk, Brian Solis, Mary Kate McKenna, Pamela Viola, Linda Plaisted and many others. Their favorite tips and insights are brought to life with gorgeous images from their collections.

>> Memories fade. But photographs live on to document our lives and the moments that matter to us. I know that my photos are the most important things in my household. Isn’t it worth taking a few minutes to learn how you could be better preserving your memories?

>> Classes can cost thousands of dollars and take up lots of time.  For the cost of a few coffee’s at Starbucks, you can own my book full of simple, easy-to-follow tips and suggestions that are guaranteed to help take your photography up a notch (or more!).

Here’s a sneak peek at more pages!

Love Your Photos

Love Your Photos

Click here for your copy of this beautiful & informative ebook for only $5.95.

Get your copy of Love Your Photos now!

How does this price compare with others? It’s a bargain. It took a long time to produce this book. Writing and editing chapters of copy, finding some fantastic photographers across the country to contribute their own tips and photos, working with amazing designers. My gift to you is a pretty reasonable price!

Note: This is a full color ebook in PDF format.

I want you to be happy. If you don’t like my book, I promise to give you your money back as long as you email me within 31 days of your purchase.

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